Powerhouse Center on the Bull Run


Listed below are more articles, presentations, and information pertaining to the Bull Run Powerhouse, the Bull Run Hydroelectric Project, and Roslyn Lake.

Great photographs, as well as historical details on the foundation of the town of Bull Run and the roles that Bull Run Powerhouse and Roslyn Lake played in that foundation. 
A brief summary of two OPB documentaries on Portland's relationship to its water source and the Bull Run Hydroelectric Project in general.  Check the documentaries out at your local library. 
A great resource for former employees of the Bull Run Powerhouse and PGE. 
A link to PGE's goals for restoring endangered fish species to thriving numbers after the completion of the decommissioning process.   
An in-depth analysis of the demolition of the Marmot Dam, and its implications for the rebuilding of our nation's relationships with our rivers.  For anyone interested in the subtle nuances of dam removal.