Preserving the Bull Run Powerhouse

Who We Are

We are Powerhouse Re Gen LLC, established to save, acquire, preserve, and re-purpose the Bull Run Powerhouse.  As one of the first hydroelectric generating plants in the Portland area, the Bull Run Powerhouse provided electricity to the Portland area from 1912 until May of 2008.  Located six miles north of Sandy on the Bull Run River, the powerhouse once held a crucial role in the Sandy community, and we intend to return it to that role once more.


Our Mission

With PGE’s recent dam removal in the Sandy River basin, the Bull Run Powerhouse no longer has a source of water and will never generate power again. PGE recently underwent a process with the Oregon Public Utility commission (PUC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to decommission and de-license the facility. If a new use could not be found for the powerhouse, it would have been demolished at the end of this process.  
In December 2010, Powerhouse Re Gen and PGE reached an agreement to grant to Powerhouse Re Gen the Bull Run Powerhouse and the surrounding site.
Our mission is to preserve, maintain, and make publicly accessible the Bull Run Powerhouse and associated structures, and to enhance them in an interpretive manner that allows the telling of the story of Bull Run: its prehistory, the Town of Bull Run, the making of the Powerhouse, the role of the Powerhouse in the evolution of Portland, and the removal of the dams and Roslyn Lake to restore the rivers and fish populations to their pre-industrial state.

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